study / copy /print : Go itami
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study / copy /print : Go itami

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photography by go itami graphic design by hirokazu matsuda published by rondade ROND-23 Edition 500 Size: 210×297 mm Number of pages: 20 pages Type of printing: Offset 極めて平面的に定着させられたイメージは 写真とそれ以外についての 曖昧な境界線に向けて接近を試みる。 この接近をあくまで接近として, 写真というメディアの中で自己完結させるのではなく, 他者の力を借りてこの接近を推し進めてみたい。 接近は接近として完結してしまうのか, 拡張しうるのか, 融合するのか, 破壊されるのか。 あらかじめ決められた場所へ向かうのではなく, 都度, 流動的に線をひいたり, 無いと証明したりしながら写真の有り様を確認したい。 伊丹豪 Images stuck to plane surfaces, attempt to come closer to the vague border that stands between photography and other mediums. Taking this approach as an approach in itself, I’d like to take it a step further with the help of others, rather than conclude itself inside the realm of merely photography. Will the approach only conclude as an approach? Or will it expand, unite, or become destroyed? Instead of heading towards a predetermined area, I want to clarify photography and its form, while fluidly drawing lines and proving a sense of non-existence, along the way. Go Itami